Company Overview

The SYMBOLS in the official company logo as follows:

HOUSE: Represents Philippine Real Estate.
HAND: Represents Service to the Clients.
WINDOW: Allow people to seek Real Estate Property to buy, sell, rent and build.
OPEN DOOR: To create more opportunities for Real Estate Service Practioners, Consultants, Appraisers, Brokers, Salesperson and accessible to all Real Estate Developer and Dealer.

COLOR Logo Interpreted as follows:

ORANGE: Represents Balance, Faith, Freedom, Happiness, Success, and Wealth.
BLUE: Represents Big Dream.
YELLOW: Represent the rising sun for the growth of the Real Estate Business.
WHITE: Represent Integrity.


P – Passion
A – Accountability
T – Transparency
I – Integrity
E – Efficiency
N – Nurturing
C – Competence
E – Excellence


We Offer Real Estate Services:

Sell / Buy / Rent / Build / Foreclosure


Company Overview:

  • Founded 8/8/18
  • A Reliable Real Estate Company officially Registered Nationwide
  • More than 8 years in Real Estate Services
  • More than 10 years in Construction Services
  • A Sister Company of Construction Services and Supplies
  • International Realtor Member
  • World Class Philippine Company
  • Multi-awarded Real Estate Company
  • Certified Real Estate Development Planning
  • Real Estate Licensed Professionals
  • With Authorized to practice Real Estate Service with the Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development (DHSUD) – is the central housing authority in the Philippines.



To be able to help more people, to make their Dreams into Reality. To be successful in Real Estate Business with joy, freedom of time and have a prosperous life.



To give service to our Client’s in selling and finding Homes. Helping people to the right decision investing in Real Estate, with compassion, courage, perseverance, patience and persistence.


Awards and Recognition:

  • The 2nd Philippine Buyer’s Choice Awards 2019 “No. 1 Trusted Real Estate and Brokerage Company”(Zamboanga Awards)
  • World Class Philippines Company 2020. “Trusted Real Estate Brokerage Firm” (1st Year)
  • The 13th Golden Globe Annual Awards for Business Excellence and Outstanding Filipino Achievers 2020-2021 “Best Leading Real Estate Brokerage Firm” (Zamboanga Awards)
  • The 18th Q Asia’s Quality Excellence Awards 2020“ Best Reliable Real Estate Management Services Firm” (Region 9 / Zamboanga 1st Year)
  • European Quality Award 2020 (Oxford UK) “Manager of the Year”
  • World Class Philippines Company 2021. “Trusted Real Estate Brokerage Firm” (2nd Year)
  • The 20th Q Asia’s Quality Excellence Awards 2021“ Best Reliable Real Estate Management Services Firm” (Region 9 / Zamboanga 2nd Year)
  • Achievements Forum – 2021 European Quality Award (Oxford, United Kingdom) UK Legal Patent # 2351135. “Best Regional Enterprises Project”
  • The 21st Q Asia’s Quality Excellence Awards 2022 “Best Reliable Real Estate Management Services Firm” (Region 9 / Zamboanga 3rd Year)
  • World Class Philippines Company 2022. “Trusted Real Estate Investment & Brokerage Firm” (3rd Year)

“for Company’s success and achievements in the field of REAL ESTATE BROKERAGE FIRM”

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