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Project Investment Details

  • Pre-selling
  • The term “Pre-Selling” means the property you are buying is not yet built, you are buying something that is to be built or completed in the future.
  • Properties in pre-selling stage is cheaper than if you buy properties which are ready for occupancy (RFO).
  • Quasi-rent
  • It is a temporary economic rent like returns to owner. The additional income earned by these factors in the short-period is similar to rent.

Advantage of buying a bare type unit: You can design your house interior based on how you would like to appear and choose the best materials for your flooring and partitions.

Advantage of owning a complete finished unit: The house interior is presentable outside and inside the house. Not much to fix upon move-in because it has ceiling, room partitions, tiled flooring, and painted interior, just move in with your things. It’s elegant look.

You can also do some expansion with the space in front and back or some renovations in the future to make your house look more elegant. You can also buy a bigger lot area for future expansion.


You can own this through Pag-ibig, Bank, or In-house financing.


  • House Construction will start upon (50%) payment of the Total Contract Price.
  • Estimated delivery date depending on a project.
  • Move-in: Cash basis or Approved Bank, Pag-ibig Loan Release Take-out.

House Finishes/Turn over unit:


  • Plain cement flooring or interior
  • Plain cement interior wall
  • No partition & No Ceiling
  • Painted Exterior wall and roof
  • Sliding Windows


  • Flooring with ceramic (ground floor) and vinyl (second floor)
  • Bedrooms with partition & ceiling
  • Sliding Windows
  • Painted Exterior wall and roof
  • Painted interior wall


  • Contact us at ( or +639532013777 (1-2) days before to schedule for a FREE viewing or site tripping to see the actual location. For OFW’s, you can have your representative whom we will assist.
  • Choose the location of the house unit. If you may want an inner unit, end/corner unit, along the inner road.
  • Choose payment option (Cash basis or Housing Loan through Pag-ibig, Bank Financing). Actual Computation will be provided based on payment option and term chosen.
  • Reserve the unit by paying the reservation fee so that other buyers will not avail your chose unit (First come first serve basis).
  • Accomplish the documentary requirements and submit for processing especially if you acquire through a housing loan. Please see requirements needed upon reservation. NOTE: Complete and on-time submission of requirements will expedite processing. Incomplete documents will delay processing.
  • Start to pay your down payment after 30 days from the date of reservation.
  • Wait for the move-in notice to be mailed to you after the unit schedule delivery date.

NOTE: Once you receive a move-in letter, you must inspect the house unit (usually given 60 days duration) for any defects or if it conforms to the house specs. Any defects noticed will be repaired FREE of charge within prescribed period. If no complaints within the given period, the house unit is considered to be good condition and accepted by the buyer so whatever defects noticed beyond the prescribed period that need repair, the cost for repair is shouldered by homeowner.

We are here to assist you in every way we can, please keep in touch with us for any concerns or questions.


  • Prices vary depending on location, lot size and area, and subject to change without prior notice.
  • MRI/FI and loan upgrade are not included, amount depends on a Financial Institution (Bank/Pag-ibig Financing).
  • Actual cost of house & lot depends on the chosen unit and final computation will be based on payment term chosen.
  • The (5%) Transfer Charges from the Total Contract Price must be shoulder by the Buyer, and the (7%) CGT must be shoulder from the Seller, the buyers TC have options to pay monthly installment, one-time payment, or options can include the amount to the Housing Loan.
  • Change of units must be Charge Php 50,000.00 if Contract to Sell is already Executed.
  • Reservation Fee (RF) is non-refundable but deducted from the down payment.
  • Equity (DP) starts 30 days from the date of reservation.
  • Utilities deposit (electricity & water) and Pag-ibig upgrading fees are not included in Total Contract Price (TCP)
  • HDMF borrowers can move-in upon take-out provided other charges are fully paid.
  • Other Expenses not included in the Miscellaneous Fee are:
  • Light and water service connection (for early move-in)
  • Construction Bond
  • Home Owner’s Fee must be approved and decided exact amount fee from the Home Owner’s Association.

Welcome to your OWN Dream Home!



  • 3 Months Latest Pay slip
  • 2 Valid ID’s (Government Issued ID)
  • Proof of Billing (electricity, water, credit bills)
  • Certificate of Employment with Compensation
  • Photocopy of Tax Identification Number TIN Card (If Married both Spouse)
  • Residence Certificate (Cedula)
  • Marriage Contract (if Married)
  • Birth Certificate – CENOMAR (if Single)
  • Reservation Fee and Application


  • 3 Months Latest Pay slip
  • 2 Valid ID’s
  • Photocopy of Tax Identification Number TIN Card (If Married both Spouse)
  • Marriage Contract (if Married)
  • Birth Certificate – CENOMAR (if Single)
  • Reservation Fee and Application
  • Photocopy of Job Contract
  • Photocopy of Passport
  • Special Power of Attorney (SPA) if applicable
  • ID picture & Photocopy of Valid ID of Atty-in-fact or (SPA) if applicable
  • Record Book (POP)


  • ITR – Form 1701
  • Audited Financial Statement
  • Business Permit/Mayor’s Permit/DTI
  • OR/CR if any
  • Franchised Business Proof if any
  • Picture of Business/Establishment
  • 2 Valid ID


  • 2 Pieces 1X1 Pictures
  • Post Dated Checks
  • ASAV (Employee Statement of Accumulated Values)
  • Approved MSVS (Membership Status Verification Slip)
  • Signed Confirmation Documents
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